Snow Shoes

Vintage Snow Shoes. (Used)

Vintage Snow Shoes. (Used) | Euroski

They work with any boot or shoe, wellies or sandals if you had to.

These shoes are not suitable for a snow walking trip. These are for collectors, farmers, local walkers and coming into this winter just about everybody if the last one is anything to go by.

These will get you out of trouble if you get stuck.

Easy and quick to fit to just about any footwear.

They are 480mm long and 290mm at there widest.

These are old but in great condition.

They weigh about 900g each and have Aluminium angled teeth on the underside. Only any use for deep snow.

Priced to be able to afford to chuck them in the back of your vehicle!


Price: £19.00

Shipping: £0.00

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Inflatable Snow Shoes Universal

small foot small foot set


Small Foot Universal

– the backcountry choice

Perfect for trail walking from wide­open spaces to rolling hills covered in powder. It is recommended for all wilderness explorers.

The model comes with Classic Pro bindings and detachable Small Foot stainless steel front crampons. Due to the flexible webbing harness, Universal is compatible with any type of hiking, snowboard, and ski boots.


Each Small Foot Universal set includes:

● a pair of Universal snowshoes
● a pair of basic mini bags (2 x 24/12/10 cm)
● a mini pump
● a deflation cap
● a repair kit
● an emergency mirror
● an emergency whistle

Weight:  1700g

Blue only.


Price: £25.00

Shipping: £0.00

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