Skike V9 Tour 150 Roller Skis (for classic and skate)

Skike V9 Tour 150 Nordic Skates

The V9 TOUR 150 has an unobtrusive mechanism built in which has made its predecessor trigger a revolution in cross skating - the skike-MULTI technology. This technology enables the user to move forward in the classic cross-country skiing style, while the skate intervenes to support and returns the sports equipment back to the foot from a certain angle. This saves a lot of power and makes it possible to go on extended tours - hence the name of this extraordinary model. Equipped with backstops, elevations can be mastered, lightweight materials such as high-performance plastic and aluminium provide driving pleasure, stability and manoeuvrability. Cooling fins on the brake shoes reduce wear and provide increased braking performance. All adjusters are reliable, easy to reach and easy to use. In addition to the reflective belts, the Road Star tires - preferred by the skating community - are also on board. Furthermore, thanks to its ingenious mechanics, the TOUR is also ideal for people who just want to casually skate straight ahead in a comfortable way - even though they could cross the Alps with this model.


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