Grip tape Tutorial

Grip tape Tutorial

more instructions in the packaging

¬†KlipSki – clearly simple, highly practical…

¬† Here’s how to fit KlipSkis in just a few images…

Holding the skis together, first slide the KlipSkis onto the skis, either side of the bndings First clip the skis together…

1. Holding the skis together, slide the KlipSkis onto your skis, one just above and one just below the bindings.

Instructions for fitting the KlipSkis
Now attach the poles…

2. Next clip your poles into the KlipSki hooks (one tip forward, one backward gives maximum stability). Make sure the grips butt against the KlipSkis.

Need one pole to steady yourself when walking? No problem.
Fit and cross over the remaining pole so it slots into the front hook that’s diagonally opposite the back hook.

Now clip the poles into the KlipSkis - job done!


Job Done …

3. Now you are ready to go. Just use the poles as carry handles to carry poles and skis easily, safely and comfortably – either horizontally or vertically.

Use KlipSkis to hold skis and poles horizontally too...

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