Ski Skett Cobra Pro

The COBRA PRO is the fastest racing professional model and can be customised by the athlete. It is supplied with narrow large diameter wheels and a short frame which has been designed for very fast skating training. The COBRA PRO can be supplied with wheels of different durometers 80, 84 and 88 Shore A (hardnesses). The bearings ban be dismounted form the wheels in order to allow good cleaning and maintenance, which is necessary after use on dusty or wet surfaces).

It is also possible to choose between different race bearings, or uy the complete kit, without bearings.

Frame: made of Aluminium 6082 T6
Length frame: 530 mm
Number of wheels for frame: 2
Wheel material: spoke hub made of aluminium and polyurethane for racing (available in three different durometers: 80, 84 and 88 Shore A)
Wheel diameter and width: Ø 100 x 20mm
Ratchet device: no
Weight (pair): 1.3Kg
Available variants:
1. choice of hardness of the wheels Shore 80 (red) - 84 (yellow) - 88 (blue) A
2. choice of the brand of the bearings, with additional charge.
Available accessories: set of 4 Splashguards


Price: £175.00


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