Ski Skett Bull

This is the legendary, stable and durable SKI SKETT for classical technique. It is wide and soft “barrel-shape” wheels and the light, yet durable frame constructed of aluminium alloy make Ski Skett BULL a model most suitable for practicing the classical technique. This model is suitable for both skilled Nordic skiers and for those with less experience. The length of the frame is adjusted to roller skiing with the classical stride. The rear wheels are harder that the front wheels and contain internal ratchets so the wheels do not roll backward in the kick phase of classical technique.

The Ski Skett BULL is designed for slower speeds and allows for aerobic training.

Frame: made of Aluminium 6082 T6
Length frame: 700 mm
Number of wheels for frame: 2
Wheel material: soft rubber
Wheel diameter and width: Ø 74 x 60mm
Ratchet device: back wheels only
Weight (pair): 2.2Kg
Available variants: ratchet device in the front wheels.
Available accessories:
1. Speed reducer
2. Set of 4 Splashguards (not possible to mount them in front when there is the speed reducer)


Price: £175.00


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