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Stride and Glide -by Stuart Montgomery and Paddy Field

stride and glide book


New book for cross-country skiers and Nordic walkersStuart Montgomery of XCuk has teamed up with Paddy Field, editor of Ski Nordic magazine, to write a book. Titled “STRIDE AND GLIDE: A manual of cross-country skiing and Nordic walking”, it contains 165 pages, many of them illustrated in colour. The eighteen chapters cover:

- A short history of skiing
- Getting started
- Basic techniques
- Turning techniques
- Classical techniques
- Skating techniques
- Racing
- Off-track touring
- Skiing with children
- Equipment and clothing
- Ski preparation and waxing
- Roller skiing
- Associated sports
- Where to ski
- Nordic walking: first steps
- Nordic walking: further steps
- General fitness training
- Building a training programme


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