Madshus Vidda BC Boot


Stay secure on ungroomed terrain with the stable outsole platform and stitched-on cuff. Lightweight and easy-flexing, the Vidda BC is ideal for skiers exploring off the groomed track.



The MemBrain® softshell and hybrid constructions, allow the boot to comfortably conform to the contours of the foot while providing durability, waterproof protection, breathability, and warmth.



Madshus engineered the new Vidda BC to be lightweight and easy-flexing, with a stitched-on cuff for a security and support when travelling off the groomed track. The waterproof/breathable bootie and Thinsulate™ combine to keep your feet warm and dry and your adventures fun. The Vidda is built with environmentally-friendly materials including waterproof Lite™ Leather, produced with 35% reduced C02 emissions and 50% reduced water consumption, and abrasion-resistant TPU made using 75% reduced solvents. The cuff, supportive upper and NNN BC outsole are perfect for skiers exploring off the groomed track.

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